This article will help you:

  • Implement predictable cleanup practices for your deal rooms

  • Unapologetically archive channels and remove stakeholders once their relevance ends

  • Standardize requests to avoid unnecessary invitations into deal rooms and channels

What should I do if I’m invited to a deal room or sales channel without any context?

Momentum’s workflows drive well-thought-out practices across channels that fit your company and team size, so you don’t need to worry about this.

Whose responsibility is it to archive deal rooms that are won or lost and inform others of remaining steps?

Momentum’s workflows automatically react to deal changes by offering options for next steps or making changes on their own based on deal attributes so deal rooms never linger on your sidebar unnecessarily.

How do I know and trust that tasks and requests my team creates for deals are received, prioritized, and executed on time?

Momentum Deal Assist tracks all requests and integrates with your work management tools, giving you full visibility into what’s in flight, how long each request will take, and how to optimize your sales cycle so there’s always clear ownership and accountability.

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