1. From your Momentum app, go to Cues

  2. From the Cues page, click New Cue

  3. Add a name for your Cue

  4. Select trigger type to Opportunity Updated

  5. In the condition requirements box, check the box changed?

  6. Select Stage and operator Updated and click Next

  7. Add any message that you want to show with the notification along with fields like Amount, Account name, etc. (one field is necessary to move on to the next step)

  8. You can also add a GIF (Using tags & GIF library) and click Next

  9. Chose the type of notification from the drop-down (public message, deal room, private)

  10. Select the Channel

  11. Click on Create

Well done! 🎉 You will now be notified when the opportunity is updated.

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