Integrating Momentum with Zendesk
How to integrate Zendesk with Momentum
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Momentum’s Zendesk integration allows Momentum to create tickets in Zendesk. Create a Zendesk ticket by reacting to a message with an emoji in a Slack Connect Channel, automatically create and store transcripts in the ticket after a Gong call has ended, or simply add a workflow that allows you to create and fill out Zendesk tickets from Slack. These are a few examples of ways Momentum can simplify your sales stack with Zendesk.

Setting up Zendesk in Momentum is simple. From any channel in Slack, start typing /integration you will see a slash command labeled “Configure Integrations with Momentum” appear.

Using this slash command opens a menu with a list of integrations and their authorization status. Click “Authorize” for the Zendesk integration. Doing this will open a browser tab, where Zendesk will guide you through the rest of the authentication process.

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